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Upcoming Training Cycle

Upcoming Training Cycle

Duration – 15 weeks

Commencement Date – TBA

ObjectiveThe objective of this training cycle is to improve our overall strength and endurance with a major focus on squat strength and a minor on overhead pressing strength. 

Training LoadThe Crossfit IB training program has a 3-days-on-1-day-off followed by a 2-day-on-1-day-off model, so plan your week accordingly. If you do decide to train on a rest day, add some mobility exercises and the programmed engine WOD.

Example Week

Monday – StrengthWOD
Tuesday – MetWOD
Wednesday – StrengthWOD
Thursday – Rest / EngineWOD
Friday – StrengthWOD
Saturday – MetWOD
Sunday – Rest / EngineWOD

TestingWe will be doing a benchmark test at the beginning of your cycle and then another one after 15 weeks to assess your progress.

Program Breakdown

The program uses various session types throughout the cycle. Check out the breakdown below.

MobWOD – (Mobility)

  • General Mobility
    The general mobility routine found on Sunday’s programming will be your general prep. This can be performed anywhere, anytime. It’s focused primarily on full body and prep.
    Frequency – 1/Day
    Duration – Upper Body 5-8 Mins / Lower Body 5-10 Mins
  • Archetype Mobility
    The archetype mobility is designed to address your specific weaknesses. Your task is to identify your weakest positions and focus on them.
    Frequency – 1/Training Day
    Duration – 6-12 Mins

OlyWod – (Strength)

  • This cycle OlyWod has three elements: Position, Power, and Speed. Each one focuses on a single aspect of lifting. Every five weeks, we will repeat the cycle to allow your body to adapt to new stimuli and set new rep maxes.
    Frequency – 3 x / Week
    Duration – 15-20 Mins

StrWod – (Strength)

  • Sticking to our superset archetype model, we will incorporate pause and position work for your prime lifts. In most cases, the average Iron Barbell athlete lacks control in the negative of the rep. To correct this, we will utilise pause positions as well as 1 ¼ variations of your lifts. These will help you create stronger midlines and control at full depth. This also makes it a lot easier to work on muscular imbalances.
    Frequency – 3 x / Week
    Duration – 15-20mins

MyoWod – (Strength)

  • To address muscular imbalances and improve muscular endurance, MyoWOD will focus heavily on unilateral (i.e., single leg/single arm) movements and high-volume calisthenics (i.e., bodyweight movements). The former is designed to address any imbalances you may have, while the latter is designed to help you build stamina and improve your joint health.
    Frequency – 3 x /week
    Duration 15-20 Mins

MetWod – (Strength)

  • Metabolic WODs follow the same format as the last, providing a longer consistent stimulus to all energy systems. A large portion of the workouts consists of repeats and a lot of dumbbell work. This provides a similar stimulus to sandbags and helps correct muscular imbalances.
    Frequency – 2x / Week
    Duration – 30-40 Mins

EngWod – (Strength)

  • The Engine WOD works within the medium time domain of 20-40 mins and focuses on simple aerobic movements. The goal here isn’t to flog the body. Your intensity should remain around 75%. This can be measured using your MyZone. The idea is to slow down a bit whenever you start hitting the yellow zone.You won’t need to use EngineWODs to build aerobic endurance. That’s what MetWOD days are for.
    Frequency – 0-2 x /Week
    Duration – 20-40 Mins


During this cycle, you will recalibrate your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE) to match the high energy demands of the workouts you will be doing.

You can use Carbon Coach to do maintenance for two weeks. Once you have your new TDEE, you can then calibrate your goals in the app according to the following criteria:

Male body fat above 12%: Fat Loss (Note: Do not go under the recommended minimum level because it will inhibit your recovery and ability to make gains.)

Female body fat above 15% – Same as above.

If your body fat level is lower than these, switch to a muscle building protocol. Set it to the minimum weight gain amount to minimise fat stores, then push the cycle hard. 


Recovery has four components:

  • Sleep – Shoot for at least eight hours a night.
  • Mobility – Follow the recommendations in the app.
  • Supplementation – Ask your coach or health care provider about ZMA, creatine, multivitamins, and protein.
  • Massage – Shoot for at least one session a month, but once a week is highly recommended. Supplement with the massage guns.