Become an Iron Athlete

Everything we do here at CrossFit IB is built on the Iron Athlete program, which is designed to help you build elite-level strength, conditioning, and overall athleticism through expertly programmed training cycles. Each of these cycles is founded on three key pillars of training.

CrossFit IB Methodology

Pillar 1: Metabolic Conditioning

Our metabolic conditioning sessions are designed to help you boost your natural metabolism, improve your cardio (which is responsible for MASSIVE increases in energy), and increase your muscular stamina so you can stay energised all day long.

Pilar 2: Strength

Our strength sessions focus on all three types of muscle development: definition, shape/tone, and length/flexibility. Each session is designed to help you do more work in less time so you can see the results you want faster.

Pillar 3: Body Composition

For the third and final pillar, we use the Iron Athlete diet protocol to help you improve your muscle-to-fat ratio. Our goal is to help you not only get stronger, fitter, and more athletic, but look the part too. We’ll show you how and what to eat to get leaner than you ever dreamed possible.

The Goal

Our mission is to help you excel at all three pillars so you can be strong both in and out of the gym. You’ll be surprised at how much progress you can make when you have access to expert coaching, optimised training, and proper nutrition.

The Training

The Iron Athlete program follows an intensive six-day-per-week schedule that alternates between strength and full-body conditioning training. This powerful combination will allow you to torch fat and build muscle at the same time—all while also building the 10 components of fitness:

  1. Cardiovascular endurance – your body’s ability to gather, transfer, and process oxygen
  2. Stamina – your body’s ability to process, store, deliver, and utilize energy
  3. Strength – your ability to apply force
  4. Flexibility – your ability to maximise the range of motion of your joints
  5. Power – your ability to apply maximum force in a short amount of time
  6. Speed – your ability to minimise the time cycle of a given movement
  7. Agility – your ability to minimise the transition time between movements
  8. Coordination – your ability to combine many distinct movement patterns into one precise motion
  9. Balance – your ability to control your center of gravity in relation to your body’s support base
  10. Accuracy – your ability to control a movement in a given direction with the required intensity

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